Does Google Have a URL Shortener?

Social media has grown to become a massive industry and URL shorteners have evolved along with it. Twenty years ago, people didn’t share as much content, but social networks have now trained their users to share as much as possible. A 24-year-old American web developer decided to shorten the URLs of his postings on unicycling newsgroups. He created TinyURL, the first URL shortener, in 2002.

URL shorteners are a great way to make a long web address typable and easy to remember. You can use the ย่อลิงค์ on your business cards, print ads, and even podcast interviews. The best part is, it’s free! Use it everywhere. Just remember to shorten it to the most memorable length. Your audience will be glad you did! It’s worth the effort.


Rebrandly and Bitly are two top URL shorteners for Google. While both offer a free account, Bitly’s free plan allows only 500 branded URLs and 10,000 non-branded links. The free plan also limits the number of redirects, while the premium plans let you create an unlimited number of short links. Both also integrate with popular services, including TwitterDeck and Zapier. The downside of Rebrandly’s free plan is that you can’t customize your domain name.

Rebrandly’s เว็บย่อลิงค์ for Google offers several features that make it a great choice for marketers. In addition to custom domain names, Rebrandly also offers an easy-to-use mobile app that transforms any link into a promotion for your brand. Its URL shortening service also allows you to use custom domain names and include keyword-rich, slash-separated text. Moreover, it’s fully GDPR compliant and retains data for more than 30 days.


Bitly URL shortener is a great option for businesses that want to share links on the web. The company’s free account used to offer a lot, but has become less useful for smaller businesses. For example, a free account no longer offers analytics for 10,000 links per month, but it still allows you to customize the back half of your 50 shortened URLs. For this reason, it is a good idea to upgrade to a paid account.

When you use bitly to shorten your URLs, the links will never expire. They will only expire after 30 days, so you can’t spam your customers. But, if you’re worried about being spammed, you can even change the destination of the shortened links. Bitly has a branded version of its shortener, which means that your website or blog will look more professional.

Google Link Shortener

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Link Shortener, you have probably come across TinyURL. This service generates short links directly from your current webpage. The site has a tool bar button which streamlines the process. Unlike Google Link Shortener, TinyURL does not keep reports on the popularity of your links. It is free to use and does not require you to create an account. Despite its limited functionality, TinyURL is still a great option for users who want a customizable short link.

Besides offering a free service, Short URL allow users to create QR codes for their links. These codes can be added to business cards or advertisements. Many smartphones can read QR codes. And because URL shorteners are free, you’ll find them extremely convenient to use. However, if you’re looking to avoid using URL shorteners on business websites, you’ll probably want to use another service that offers advanced features.

Google API

A URL shortener service is an API for generating short URLs. To use Google API URL shortener, you’ll need to have an API key and a URL to shorten the URL. The API is available as a public API and is currently in version 1. To use Google API URL shortener, you’ll need to create an API key. Once you have this, you can use Google URL shortener on your website.


The API is free to use, but there is a limit of one million requests per day. You’ll also need an API key and Billing to access the service. The API is available for Java, Objective-C, and JavaScript. To get started, check out the URL shortener documentation. There are tons of examples on the internet. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can build your application around it.

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