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How Has Technology Changed Science?

Technology has transformed the way we do science. Researchers can now process data and perform calculations instantly, thus providing better results for their theories. In addition, computers and social media have changed the way we interact. Even though it might seem like an oxymoron, computer technology has altered science in ways that Newton couldn’t have imagined. Below are a few ways it has transformed science. Read on to find out how! And don’t forget to share your discoveries in the comments below!

Global warming and the depletion of natural resources are among the many effects of technological advances. The world’s population has more than doubled in the past century, and human presence is evident almost everywhere on the planet. The production of ethanol has reduced the global supply of corn, while the world’s hunger for electronics has depleted rare earth elements and fuels worldwide. This has also contributed to conflict across the globe. This is why we must be wary about the impact of technology on our planet.

The 20th century brought many innovations, including the development of the electric light bulb and the discovery of nuclear fission. Computers also began to be miniaturized, enabling the development of information technology, which led to the Internet. In addition, human exploration of space began in the late 1950s, and the first crewed missions to the moon were launched in 1969. Technological advances also contributed to medical breakthroughs, including open-heart surgery, stem-cell therapy, and new medicines.

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