How to Sell gold in Three Easy Steps

Do you have gold lying around at home? We are sure you do. It can be old gold jewellery, gold bullion, or scrap gold. Then we can help you sell your gold to gold buyers in three simple steps. How?

Find a Gold Buyer Online

First, you need to find a trustworthy gold buyer near you online by reading customer reviews. Then, you can choose to visit the dealer at their shop. Or you can request a free appraisal kit as there are no obligations when you give it a try.

The buyer presents you with a free and insured shipping package if you go with the appraisal kit. You then send your gold pieces via FedEx or whomever the dealer uses. Once you are happy, you accept the offer and get paid.

Still, we recommend you read the terms and conditions of their privacy policy before submitting your information. You do not want to end up being scammed.

What happens if you reject the offer?

If you are not happy with the appraisal offered by the gold buyers, your item is shipped back to you free of charge. As you can see, by filling out a simple form and receiving the appraisal kit, you get everything you need to safely send your gold from your home. So, if you do not accept the offer, your valuables are returned to you.

Still, if you need cash faster after submitting your form, you even get the shipping label sent to you electronically. You can then pack your items to get them in the mail more quickly without any obligations. Great, but what is an appraisal kit?

In the package, you have everything available from the documentation to take your gold to the nearest shipping provided, and your package is prepaid and insured. Alternatively, you can visit the dealer at the provided address online to have you’re valuable appraised in person.

How is your gold calculated?

Once the gold dealer receives your item at their secure location, they appraise and evaluate your gold. First, the dealer uses the latest technology to determine the jewellery’s purity. Then, they will weigh your items and inspect it for hallmarks. Finally, they will use your precious metal’s current market price to calculate and present you with an offer with the available information.  The same rule applies when visiting a gold buyer in person. 

You Get The Offer and Get Paid

The same day your items are received and evaluated, you receive a no-risk offer you can accept or reject. If the request is accepted, you will receive a payment within 24-hours when dealing online. Depending on the gold buyer you use, they present you with different payment options.

For online dealings, you can choose a direct deposit to receive the money in your bank within two business days. In addition, many gold dealers do not charge any fees for using the service. Some dealers use PayPal for an immediate deposit, but prices may apply to your PayPal account.

Or you can receive a company check sent to you the next day via standard mail. But instead of waiting for your money, visiting a gold buyer in person remains the fastest way to get cash in hand

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