Top Career Options in Android App Development

With the highest number of android device users in the world, there is increased demand for android developers. The global AI market is rising and android app developers will play a great role in designing advanced and personalized apps. An android developer is designated to create applications and software for android devices and the Google play store. Usually, android developers work for a large tech company or in an app development company. Here, we will discuss some of the lucrative career options for android app developers. 

Android application developer 

As an android app developer, you’ll be responsible for understanding the app’s motive, writing codes, troubleshooting and debugging, and constantly working on improving the user experience. You will have to collaborate with different teams in a company, test the apps, fix the bugs, and review the application. You might have to do several changes patiently till the app is ready. You should remember that if you want to remain in this game for the long run, stay updated with the latest technology and learn new skills. 


If you like to be your own boss and work independently, then becoming a freelance android app developer can be one of the best options for you. You can get many freelance gigs based on your experience and work from home. You can also choose the gig you want to do and work flexibility. Most startup companies look for freelance android developers and pay handsomely if you can design user-friendly apps. You can easily learn app development from one of the best platform for selling online courses and start your journey as a freelancer. 

Native Android Developers 

These developers are responsible for user-friendly android applications and maintaining their high performance. Depending on the company requirements, you should have a keen understanding of programming languages like JAVA, C++, or Kotlin. You will have to write codes based on the designs provided by the manager. 


Working in the top FAANG companies is the dream for many android developers. FAANG companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, are popular among developers for their work culture, job perks, good salaries, and proper management system. 


If you think you have the proper skill set and knowledge to teach others how to code, then becoming an educator can be a great career option. So many ed-tech companies are emerging and the users are paying to take courses from them. You can create a course and upload it on the best platform to sell courses online. If you ask what is the most profitable and ever-growing industry nowadays, it is the education sector. Those who have a knack for teaching and interacting with students should try teaching app development. You don’t have to make apps for others, but educate people to grow their careers in android development. 

JAVA App Developer

You have to learn JAVA, C++, or Kotlin to be an android developer. Getting a Java application developer role is a great option for those proficient in Java. Basically, you will be designing and testing android apps, developing software, rectifying bugs, etc. 

Android software developer 

An android software engineer is an entry-level job for those who want to kick start their journey in android development. You can either choose to work for a large company or an app developing company. You will require a bachelor’s or diploma degree in the relevant skills to apply for this job role. 


If you have enough experience in the app development field, becoming a project manager can be a good career path for you. Managers deal with the client, manage a team of developers, present the ideas to the clients, and provide project ideas to the developers. You can take the lead, help other developers grow, and become a successful manager. 

Individual Contribution

Individual Contributors or ICs are responsible for writing codes, developing applications, maintaining apps, and focusing on personal growth. It can be a suitable job role for you if you love coding and want to work individually. The job requirements for ICs might vary from company to company. 

Summing Up 

If you are determined to become an Android developer or Game developer, you should acquire skills like programming languages, strong communication, detail-oriented, and adaptability. Hope this article provided you with insight into this android development field. 

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