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Websites on Science and Technology

If you’re looking for more information on science and technology, a website like may be the answer. Their website features articles, podcasts, and videos on a variety of topics related to the field. Their newsletter also features stories and information on current scientific research. The oldest scientific magazine in the world, Scientific American has published more than 200 Nobel laureates over its history. The website also offers e-books and opinion pieces on various topics.

The National Geographic Kids site is full of useful subcategories, including animals, climate change, and space exploration. The site has videos, world-class footage, and interactive games for kids to test their knowledge. There are even science-oriented videos and quizzes. Another excellent website to visit is the PhET Interactive Simulations site, operated by the University of Colorado Boulder. The site includes an extensive collection of science simulators, so students can explore new concepts.

Live Science is another great site for information about the latest in science. The articles are simple to understand and include the author’s bio. These articles are most likely to be written by people who are well-versed in science. Live Science also offers forums on various topics. Users can post their questions in forums or sign up for the newsletter. If you find this site too technical, it has a lot of interesting videos and podcasts.

The Web Marketing Association (WMA) awards a Best Science website each year. These awards recognize websites that are well-designed and feature excellent content in seven categories, including content, design, copywriting, and technology. If you’re looking for fun and interesting facts about science and technology, BITS is a great resource. You can also get the latest news about new products and technologies on the New York Times’s BITS blog.

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