What Is Divorce Mediation All About? 

Divorce mediation may be the best option for you if you and your spouse want to end your marriage amicably, inexpensively, and quickly. The advantages of this process and how it functions are described by the best divorce lawyer Massachusetts below. Read on to find out more about mediation and its benefits. 

Why mediate a divorce?

It is possible to negotiate a marriage dissolution outside of court by using divorce mediation. Instead of wasting their energy and time fighting it out in divorce court, a couple can work cooperatively to divide their assets, and settle any outstanding concerns under the guidance of an impartial third party known as a mediator.

The advantages of divorce mediation are as follows:

  • Mediation is significantly less expensive and more effective than typical divorce court.
  • The mediation process is strictly confidential. Nothing is made public.
  • Instead of a court’s timetable, you can schedule mediation at dates that work for you.
  • Instead of a judge, you and your spouse can supervise any decision-making.

The majority of mediations result in a satisfactory, mutually acceptable resolution that addresses all issues.

What Should I Expect from the Divorce Mediation Process?

In divorce mediation, both partners will visit a mediator, both independently and collaboratively to talk about their desires and needs. Securing a solution that benefits everyone, along with any dependents, is the main objective. Although every couple’s mediation will be different, it usually follows a specific format.

You and your spouse will be able to resolve issues including:

  • Alimony
  • Parenting time
  • Child assistance
  • Family time
  • Real estate division

Mediation does not result in a legally-binding divorce like a typical divorce. You and your spouse have the option to hire counsel of your choosing and sue one another in court if you, or they, are dissatisfied with the resolutions suggested via mediation.

To Whom Is Divorce Mediation Designed?

The horrific stories that are occasionally linked with divorce court may make divorce mediation sound like a dream fulfilled. But not everyone will find it useful.

For mediation to be effective, all parties involved must share three essential elements. You both should be, 

  • Flexible with compromise
  • Be ready to consider things from your partner’s point of view.
  • Being open to hearing your spouse’s interests, desires, and concerns

Although divorce mediation is a fantastic choice for partners who stay amicable or are at least prepared to cooperate during the divorce process, it is not practical for every relationship. If one or more spouses in the marriage are evasive, abusive, or hostile, mediation is typically not advised. 

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