What is Lifestyle Medicine? And What Can it Do For You?

Lifestyle medicine is a growing area in modern health care. It promotes healthier eating habits and the use of proven relaxation techniques. Practitioners of this field also encourage patients to reconnect with nature and their communities. Their goal is to help patients achieve better physical and mental health and prevent and treat disease. Ultimately, they hope to improve health and well-being across all age groups. What is lifestyle medicine? And what can it do for you?

Essentially, lifestyle medicine is evidence-based medicine, focused on prevention, management, and treatment of chronic conditions and diseases. Lifestyle medicine aims to give patients control over their health and reduce the use of prescription medications. It focuses on nutrition, sleep, relationships, exercise, and the elimination of unhealthy habits and addictions. It also aims to lower healthcare costs because it helps patients make healthy lifestyle choices and decrease the risk of chronic diseases.

The American College of Preventive Medicine has developed core competencies in lifestyle medicine for primary care physicians. These competencies are a far cry from the traditional medical school and residency curriculums. However, these programs are growing in popularity among the general public and athletes alike. These physicians are committed to improving health and quality of life by educating their patients and treating disease. In addition to promoting lifestyle medicine, they also work closely with nutritionists, who can help patients make better lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle medicine involves several evidence-based approaches that include a whole-food plant-based diet, physical activity, and sufficient sleep. It also involves stress management and avoiding risky substance use. Lifestyle medicine also encourages social connections and is less expensive than conventional medicine. It is an excellent way to reduce health care costs, as it targets both the causes and the symptoms of disease. And the benefits of lifestyle medicine are clear. It’s time to make the changes necessary for your own health.

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