Why Are Film Cameras Still in Use?

There is no doubt that the popularity of digital photography has transformed the way we take and share pictures. We can now snap and upload pictures right from our mobile phones in a matter of seconds. But in this age of technology, people still prefer to take pictures using the traditional film camera. The analog quality of film has its appeal. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to use film cameras. They can be a more personal expression of your feelings and style.

The main benefit of film photography is that it’s more rewarding than its digital counterpart. Although the 35mm film format has been discontinued, film cameras still exist in other formats. Large format film, for example, is still popular. Other formats include 120 and 4×5 sheet film. There are even cameras dedicated to the Lomography style of photography. While there are plenty of new digital cameras out there, the advantages of shooting with film are obvious.

The main difference between a film camera and a digital camera is that film is light-sensitive. A shutter opens to expose the film, which creates the impression. After the exposure, the photographer rolls the film forward to take the next photograph. Some manual cameras allow double exposures. Once all shots are taken, the film is removed from the camera and developed. But the advantage of film over digital photography is that it’s more affordable.

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