Why Does Sexual Harassment Happen At The Workplace?

Sexual harassment has been largely associated with men harassing women, but in reality, it can happen to people of any gender. Even today, sexual harassment in the workplace prevails throughout the country. Some cases of sexual harassment happen without cause, while some have an underlying reason for it. 

It is important to understand why sexual harassment happens to put an end to it. It is usually associated with a display of the power of superiority, but there are other reasons as well. If you or someone you know has experienced something similar, speak to an employment attorney White Plains today. 

Reasons for sexual harassment in the workplace 

  • A display of power. 

In most workplaces, there are different positions in the company. Some positions are higher than others, which causes the employees to feel superior and inferior to others. Even though the world has progressed in various aspects, still most of the higher and more important positions in a company are occupied by men, which is why more females tend to be the victim.

Men in power feel superior to women working in lower positions and try to take advantage of them. Since they are more powerful, they also feel confident to retaliate against them in case they complain. 

  • A culture that implies acceptance. 

There are some people who make inappropriate comments and wink at others in an attempt to flirt or conduct harassing behavior. Yet, you may not find anybody stopping them because they have accepted that the person is like that and won’t change. In the workplace, you may find someone’s behavior improper but find your colleagues saying, “Oh, that’s just how he/she is.”

This implies that your colleagues have accepted their behavior, but you do not have to do the same if you are not comfortable. If you find someone’s behavior bothering you at work, you should make a complaint and exercise your rights. 

  • Men’s perceived role in society. 

For thousands of years, the norm was that men were supposed to go to work and earn for the family while women stayed at home and cooked for their husbands and kids. While many people have moved past this mentality, and women now work in almost every industry, some men still have this mentality. They believe it is not a woman’s role to work and feel threatened. 

When a man feels threatened by a woman, he may try to hurt her, which may lead to sexual harassment. 

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. If you have experienced sexual harassment, you must report it to your employer or the HR management. To find evidence and build a strong case, speak to an attorney in White Plains. 

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